Lyme Update

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In January of this year after an amazing natural doctor diagnosed me with Advanced Lyme Disease when no other doctors knew what was wrong with me, I started on IV treatments and other natural remedies. After several months, I then decided to go ahead and do antibiotics in conjunction with the natural protocols I was doing. From everything I have read, that was the best and most efficient way to kill the bacteria – hit it hard with all the resources available. So I did. I didn’t see immediate results but started having more good days than before and was slowly but surely getting my energy back. I had injections that eased my joint pain and things were going in the right direction.

But then I crashed. Hard. In fact I started doubting everything I was doing. I began having pain and debilitating fatigue again so I assumed it was the Lyme and worried that all of the treatments and months of antibiotics didn’t kill the spirochetes. Last week, an arthritis specialist wouldn’t even give me a mild pain medicine for the severe joint pain I have been having. I just wanted relief and I thought I was back to square one.

Today I went back to the doctor who originally diagnosed me to see where he thought I should go from here. First he checked my blood to see if the bacteria was still present. There was no trace of it. It does have the tendency to go into cyst/granule form during antibiotic treatment but at least there were no more spirochetes swimming around like before. The last time he checked it in April, there were cyst forms, so seeing absolutely nothing was huge! It means the bacteria has died or gone dormant because their host (my body) was not a viable place to party anymore.

My cells were much healthier than they were the first time I saw him, as well. But he did find that I was very anemic and severely dehydrated even though I drank several glasses of water before seeing him this morning. My kidneys and my adrenals were not doing well either so that contributed to my pain and fatigue. A body with a chronic illness has to work much harder than a healthy body and all the years of having the Lyme bacteria in my system caused my organs to be very weak and not function efficiently. I think my body is just totally worn out from trying to fight this disease for so long. I have a new plan set in place and something I can proactively work on to get to a place of better health. My body might not ever be back to the way it was before Lyme, but this gave me hope that I can achieve something better than where I am today.

I am a visual learner and I thought it would help others to understand this disease a little better if there were pictures. I got the pictures of my blood samples today so here are a few of the very first ones that revealed what was causing my 50+ symptoms. Remember these spirochetes can go anywhere. Because of their shape they can “drill” their way around the body – in the blood, tissue, organs, brain, joints – anywhere and everywhere. This is why tick born illness causes so many different symptoms.

January 10, 2012 – my first blood sample

A Lyme spirochete (Borrelia Burgdorferi) in my blood under the microscope

January 20, 2012 – second blood sample

Many spirochetes (all of the long “wormy” looking creatures) in my blood
And more…

Also, note that these samples of blood are all magnified over 100x and it is one tiny drop of my blood, less than the size of a pea. I don’t want to imagine how many I had in my entire body if this is how many of these suckers were in one drop of blood!

You can see in the slide above just how damaged my blood cells were. Blood cells are supposed to be a clean round circle and almost all of mine were very “furry.” This is a sign of a severe bacterial infection.

The sample below was taken a few months after starting treatment. There are still many spirochetes (the two at the top in the middle are trying to get into a blood cell) but you can see that the treatment is making my cells much healthier which means it was becoming a terrible environment for the bacteria to live in.

spirochete in the middle – attached to my cell

September 26, 2012

Healthier cells than ever before and no sign of spirochetes!

The difference between the samples is pretty amazing. I may have had a terrible office visit last week but I had an awesome one today with a doctor who truly cares about my well being. God is there in our darkness and He is there in our pain. He knew I needed something positive in my life right now and He showed His love to me through a doctor who showed empathy and kindness, who wants to get to the bottom of why I’m still having joint and muscle pain – a doctor who will fight for me.

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