Products To Protect & Prevent

Here are some great products that can help you keep the blood suckers off of you this spring and summer!

I have a friend who swears by “Baby Legs” for her little girls when they are outside and she even wears them! They are leg warmers made with Insect Shield technology – built-in bug repellent that’s safe for the whole family! These are a fun way to keep buggies at bay! I have an order in for a few pairs for my girls. They have some for boys, too! I’m excited that the insect repellant that is in these is not harmful to the skin because it’s on the fabric – not something you spray or rub into your child’s skin. The coolest part about this product is that the insect repellant stays on the leggings for 70 washings!!!! You can order some here:
Baby Legs

Insect Shield also makes clothing for adults who work primarily outdoors, but they also have basics like long-sleeved shirts, pants and jackets. I’m thinking I should buy a shirt or two!
Insect Shield Clothes

I really love this idea for pets. It’s a tag for your pets collar that repels fleas and ticks without chemicals and it lasts for 4 months!
Shoo Tags

I will post more as I find them. Hope this helps you and your family keep the ticks from getting you!

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